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The item below was copied from a clipping in the paper. I tried to scan the clipping but the resolution was too poor. This is from an article published in the Houston Chronicle on March 5, 1951. - Peter

20 Years Ago

March 5, 1931

While "Dot leedle German band" played the old time tuned for the oldsters, a jazz orchestra gave forth with modern melodies for their youngsters at the annual "bauernball" or barn dance of the Liederkranz Singing Society at its hall, Abbot and Barnes streets. A page of pictures in The Chronicle rotogravure depicts guests in costume. Benita Albert and Frank Schenk become for the moment a German girl and Alpine yodler. Benita, 134, wears the costume of her grandmother's days. Another group portrays Willliam Grothe, his feet shod in boots and sporting a handlebar mustache, making whoopee with a couple of dozen of the 150 members and invited guests. In the Middle of the top row is Franz Schenk.

In the foreground of a third group are Mr. and Mrs Oscar Sauerbrey, Anni Schenk and Peter Miller, in the characteristic garb of the "bauernball." Mr. and Mrs. G. Theiler seem to typify domestic bliss and the last group include C. Muensch in cap and gown; Mrs Oscar Sauerbrey, Elsi Resnowitz, Minn Kuss, Mrs. George Einfeldt. Mrs. Emma Otto and George Einfeldt.

Anni Schenk and Peter Miller were my parents and married about three years later. Mr. and Mrs. G. Tiller are probably Gustav and Lotte Thiele. Minn Kuss is actually Mina Schenk.

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