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Liederkranz Ladies at Mrs. Janke's Bay House

I think these ladies are some of the members of the Ladies Auxiliary group at the weekend Galveston Bay home of Mrs. Janke - If this isn't the wife of Constantine Janke I don't know - possibly his daughter-in-law?? I would date this some time between 1947 and 1952, give or take a year or two. - Peter

Row 1 (left to right): 1-(seated) unknown, 2-unknown lady with glasses, 3-unknown girl, 4-Ella or Elsa Fisher, 5-Gerti Schenk (my great aunt), 6-Mrs. Johanna Moller (my mother) resting her elbow on (7) Mrs. August Grabbe (lady with glasses and hat) sitting on chair.
Row 2 - all seated: 1-Karla Schübel (recently deceased), 2-unknown, 3-unknown, 4-Mrs. Ida Loesser, 5-Mrs. Oscar Albert-I think.
Row 3 - all standing: 1. Lotte Thiele, 2-Mrs. Olga Amelang (wife of Karl Amelang), 3-unknown lady standing in background, 4-Mrs. Janke, 5-lady whose head may be seen in back - Mrs. Dietrich Grothe, 6-lady with sun glasses - Mrs. Frank Voraue Dina?), 7-Lady whose head may be seen in background-Mrs. Gertrude Tobler (my aunt), 8-Unknown lady with glasses, 9-unknown lady in background, 10-unknown lady with glasses, 11-lady in background-Miss Ina Loesser, 12-Lene Rehschuh (sp??), 12-Mrs Ella Stichweh.

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