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Shelby, Texas 1950 or 1951- taken late in the afternoon on the Sunday before Labor Day.

Here are the names of the individuals in this picture - I have probably made several mistakes. Margaret Dittrich, Ewald Schultz or Maria Fritsche may know the names of the unidentified individuals. - Peter

Front row seated (left to right): 1-unknown woman, 2-Susanna Rosch - the mother of former Liederkranz member Heinz Rosch, a recently deceased member, and the sister of Gerti Schenk seated in 2nd row.
Second row seated: 1-Gerhard Hoffman (the photographer of this group), 2-unknown (Mrs. Alfred Boelsche??), 3-Gertie Schenk (wife of Franz Schenk - my great-uncle), 4-Julie Kuntscher (wife of Otto Kuntscher), 4-Ella or Elsa Fisher , 5-Ella Stichweh, 6-Lotte Thiele, 7-lady next to tree-a familiar face but can't remember her name, 8-Margaret Hoffman - wife of the photographer, 9-Man in sling chair-another familiar face-possibly the husband of lady next to tree.
Third row seated (four people): 1-Peter Moller (my father), 2-unknown young woman, 3-Mrs. Volkmann (???), 4-Gertrude Tobler (my aunt).
Back row standing: 1-Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Warzinsky (sp??), 2-Unknown friend of Helga Warzinsky, 3-Helga Warzinsky, 5-Johanna Moller (my mother), 6-Karl Fisher, 7-Herman Stichweh, 8-Alfred Boelsche (??), 9-Gustav Thiele (part of head showing), 10-Jacob Tobler ( my uncle).

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