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Theater-Abend 2 April 1938

This is a great program with an interesting musical program before the theatrical part of the evening. The second character of "Das Glück im Forsthause" is Fr. Otto Schenk (AKA Mina Schenk) while Margot is played by Frl. Hilda Kuss, Mina's sister. I never knew Werner Amarell and I believe he left Houston before the war. Mina said he was always very actively involved in these productions and spoke of him quite often. It is also possible that he was one of the original organizers of the plays. My recollection of Robert Steude is that he was a very fine gentleman and held in high regard by club members. When the war began he enlisted in the US army as an officer if I am not mistaken. Many members of the club probably remember Hermann Stichweh. Lotte Graf is a name I heard many times but do not remember much about her. Frl. Gertrud Schenk, listed as the Souffleur (prompter), was my mother's sister. Sounds like a fun evening. - Peter

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