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5100 Ella Boulevard  Houston, Texas 77018   Phone (713) 957-9004
E-mail: houston_liederkranz@yahoo.com


Greetings from our President

Dear Members and Friends,

As we prepare to give Thanks and await the most festive season of the year I bring you Greetings from the Houston Liederkranz along with an invitation to join us for our annual celebration...............

Christmas Spirit at the Houston Liederkranz
Sunday December 14, 2014 at 3 pm

Click Here for all details

What to bring: As is tradition members bring cookies and assorted treats to share
with everyone and savored by young and old.

To lend a helping hand that afternoon please call me at 281-890-8232

Irene Pfingsten, President
Houston Liederkranz

 Houston Liederkranz Brochure

Please click on the link or image above to see our Houston Liederkranz Brochure - a work of love and talent by Margaret Stenborg . Print a copy or two for yourself and to share with friends, neighbors, prospective new singers and members. We hope they will help us spread the word about our Houston Liederkranz choir,  a mixed chorus made up of volunteers, Houston Shanty Chor, a Houston Liederkranz affiliated Sea Shanty Choir, see the Activities page for our schedule of upcoming events.

We now have two CDs for your listening pleasure. Click on the below images for details.


We have a regular - more or less - group that meets for Skat every Tuesday at 7:00 pm during choir rehearsal. All the group suggest that friends or out of town guests join them.

We need to see this group grow - but we must spread the word.

You know what Skat is but does everyone? Click on Skat for the history and rules of the best three-player card game in the world.

Please click here for list of our


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