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5100 Ella Boulevard   Houston, Texas 77018   Phone (713) 957-9004
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We're moving to a new web addresses.

Make sure to update your favorites to using out new website address: https://houstonliederkranz.club/.
There you will find the latest information about what is happening at the club.

Dear Liederkranz Members,

Your Liederkranz Board and Committees are actively planning and working on activities for our club. Be SOMEBODY to say yes when asked to help out.

Our annual Thanksgiving Dinner is planned for November 6 and a flyer announcement is attached. Please respond to Anne Hathaway so we know how many Turkeys to buy and end up with a variety of trimmings for the dinner.

On November 12 at 1:00 - 2:00 our choir will be singing traditional German Carols in Old Town Spring "Home for the Holidays" Christmas Season at 403 Main St, 77373 Spring, TX (IH45 N) Come out, support our choir, enjoy the festive atmosphere, and get into the Christmas spirit. Bring a cool front with you!!!

Other events in the planning stage are the annual Christmas Party at the Hall on December 11, a New Years Eve party and dance Dec 31, and Alex Meixner on February 25. Information will be sent out on these events.

The next two Board Meetings will be Nov 8 and Dec 6 at 4:00 PM. In 2017 the Board has voted to meet on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM.

Our general membership meeting will be Jan 8, 2017 at 3:00 PM. A new board of directors will be voted on. Please consider a position on the board and notify Bob Bracken, our nomination chairman 281.414.3319. Consider volunteering as a committee chairperson or serving on a committee. TO VOTE AT THIS MEETING YOU MUST HAVE YOUR 2017 DUES PAID. WRITE A CHECK TO HLK AND GIVE TO GUENTHER PFINGSTEN OR MAIL TO THE CLUB. HE WILL BE TAKING YOUR DUES IN THE COMING WEEKS.

It is your club, let's work together for enjoyment and to keep German traditions alive.



stan thornton

We now have two CDs for your listening pleasure. Click on the below images for details.


We have a regular - more or less - group that meets for Skat every Tuesday at 7:00 pm during choir rehearsal.  All the group suggest that friends or out of town guests join them.

We need to see this group grow - but we must spread the word.

You know what Skat is but does everyone? Click on Skat for the history and rules of the best three-player card game in the world.

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